Undergraduate research experiences have been cited to be highly influential on STEM students’ academic success, retention, career clarification, and pursuit of graduate studies. Higher education research has consistently shown that peer-to-peer interactions and student-faculty interactions are extremely influential in promoting college student persistence, achievement, and learning. Additionally, the connections students forge with faculty members as a result of engaging in undergraduate research help provide students professional access and build enthusiasm for the subject matter. Our aim is to provide mentoring and academic support through an introductory research-ready course where students are able to connect with faculty, staff, and peers so they may grow personally and excel academically.

Program Timeline

Each student will select a Faculty Mentor that they are interested in working with and will begin an undergraduate research project during their second term at OSU. The undergraduate research project will continue during winter term and spring term of the student's first year at OSU. It will be up to the student and the faculty mentor whether or not the research can continue through summer term. STEM Leaders will be conducting research approximately 5 hours each week and will give a final presentation during their second year at OSU, marking the culmination of their research project.