peer mentoring, undergraduate research, workshops, orientation course.

Peer Mentoring

Each STEM Leader will be assigned a Peer Mentor. Peer Mentors are upper-division students at OSU that have experience doing undergraduate research in STEM fields. Peer Mentors will have undergone intensive training prior to working with STEM Leaders. STEM Leaders will meet with their Peer Mentors for approximately one hour each week starting fall term of their first year at OSU.

Undergraduate Research

Each student will select a Faculty Mentor that they are interested in working with and will begin an undergraduate research project during their second term at OSU. The undergraduate research project will continue during winter term and spring term of the student's first year at OSU. It will be up to the student and the faculty mentor whether or not the research can continue through summer term. STEM Leaders will be conducting research approximately 5 hours each week and will give a final presentation during their second year at OSU, marking the culmination of their research project.


Each cohort will attend six workshops (three during Winter and three during Spring). The workshops are intended to provide professional development that will assist and prepare students for their first undergraduate research experience.



STEM Leaders Research Ready Course

This 10-week course takes place during fall term and is taught by the STEM Leaders Program Coordinator. Each new cohort of OSU STEM Leaders will enroll in this 0-credit course during their first quarter at OSU. The course is designed to acclimate students to the academic expectations and resources of a top-ranking research institution and to equip students with the tools needed to persist at the institution and within STEM fields.