Major: Biology

Peer Mentor: Christine Kang

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julie Greenwood



I grew up in Los Angeles, California, but moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in the eighth grade to be with my mother and complete middle school and high school. I chose to come to OSU because the opportunities to cultivate student’s minds in so many different fields using undergraduate research and studying abroad are so prominent. I am majoring in Biology. For my undergraduate research, I will be studying the structure and migration of glioblastoma, an incredibly invasive brain cancer, using the zebra fish model hoping to find a way to slow the cancer and ultimately leading to a cure. I want to attend medical school at John’s Hopkins University after completing my undergraduate degree and eventually serve as a neurosurgeon in any hospital in the country. So far, the thing I like most about OSU is the inclusiveness of the Oregon community as a whole and all the available resources.