Major: Agricultural Science

Peer Mentor: Hannah You

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Ross



I am from Corvallis, Oregon, home of Oregon State and the Beavers. Why did I choose Oregon State University? The honest truth is that I stayed at home for school for financial reasons, and it was not until my first term that I truly realized how much I loved the University and how many opportunities I had because I chose OSU.  I am an Agricultural Science major and my research project works in conjunction with Agricultural Sciences though Food Science. What I hope to do is to research the sourdough culture Lactobacillus, the bacteria that changed the human relationship with wheat, and attempt to determine how the bacteria originated. As for my career goals, I want to change the way society looks at food, how it is grown, picked, processed, consumed and discarded.  It is so easy for many of us to just go to a grocery store or restaurant without even considering the impact our decisions have on each step of the process or that each contribution we make to the system, whether it is positive or negative, affects our lives in more ways than we could ever imagine. This ties in to one of my favorite things about OSU: the importance the school places on community and outreach. I’ve already found myself getting involved in many exciting communities like the women’s choir, the cycling club, and LSAMP, all of which are so welcoming and accepting. But these communities are not only important for OSU’s students. They are a big part of OSU’s greater community, Corvallis itself and the areas that surround it, because one of Oregon States fundamental values is to share all of these connections, ideas and experiences not just with its students but also with the entirety of society. That is what education is about. Not what you alone can learn, but what your attainment of knowledge can do to help others.