Major: Energy Systems Engineering

Minor: Business and Entrepreneurship

Peer Mentor: Tyler Schmeckpepper

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ted Brekken



I grew up in Wilsonville, Oregon. I chose to attend Oregon State University because it has a good reputation as an engineering school. I’d heard from friends and family about OSU, and I chose it because the college is located far enough away from home to have me live and act independently and responsibly, but close enough to home that I could fairly easily return during school breaks. I’m studying to become an energy systems engineer with a minor in business and entrepreneurship. I hope to be involved with research exposing me to how renewable energy functions and how it is incorporated into the grid system. I want to find a career that makes me want to go to work everyday. I enjoy learning about sustainable energy, so a career involved with renewable energy would satisfy me. So far, what I’ve enjoyed most about OSU has been the dorm experience. I have enjoyed meeting all the new and different people that the large college campus has to offer. I also really like the library on campus because it stays open late, has white boards everywhere, and has white board markers and computers to rent. Studying in a group using a white board to show and work through a problem has been very helpful.