Major: Bioresource Research

Peer Mentor: Matt Kaiser

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Kentula



I was born and have lived in St. Louis Missouri my entire life.  In my younger years I vacationed with my dad’s side of the family every summer, so I was able to experience a wide range of locales at a young age, from Alaska to Costa Rica.  I was drawn to OSU for my current major, Bioresource Research.  BRR is an interdisciplinary research major between different areas of bioresources and isn’t offered anywhere else in the country.  The research-heavy nature of my major, coupled with the strong emphasis on undergraduate research at OSU drew me to the University.  Rather than spend four years trying to learn the foundations of something and hoping I can find an application for it in the future, I can learn about multiple areas of scientific skills while working on a project and build a network for myself early.  My current research project will likely focus on wetland ecology assessment and invasive species.  I am not entirely sure where I want to end up in my career but at the very least, working on research projects can clue me in on what I’m definitely not interested in.