Major: Biology, Pre-Dental Option

Peer Mentor: Logan Pederson

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sam Johnson


 I’m from Gridley, California. I was born in Mexico and moved to the states at age 7. I chose to attend OSU for many reasons but the most important one is because OSU is known for an excellent Biology program. I am majoring in Biology but might get a double major in Biology and Business. I am doing the Pre-Dental option, and in the future I might have my own office. My current research project is working with Dr. Sam Johnson and we are examining the knee injuries in women and how they are more likely to have their ACL torn. My career goals are to become an orthodontist or cardiac surgeon. Both careers sound interesting and both deal with saving people’s lives, which is what I want to do. Something that I like about OSU is that it is very diverse and I love the environment here. It is very beautiful and calming and overall an amazing school.