Major: General Engineering

Peer Mentor: Aparna Govindan

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Skip Rochefort


I grew up in West Africa, Ghana in the city of Accra and lived there until I was seven years old. I spent the next seven years of my life in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and then finally when I turned fourteen I spent four more years in Vancouver, Washington and attended high school there. I decided to attend OSU because I was told there was a very good engineering program here, and also it wasn’t too far away from home, yet far enough. My current major is in General Engineering. For my research project I hope it would involve something that would impact many communities around the globe positively and efficiently. In the future I would like to be able to work in warm climate doing something I am passionate about. As of right now what I like about OSU is the “green” side of it meaning the beautiful scenery you get on campus from the trees and how the architecture of this establishment is displayed.