Major: Biology

Peer Mentor: Hayati Wolfenden

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Urszula Iwaniec


I was born in Portland, Oregon and spent my teenage years in Denver, Colorado. I chose to come to OSU because of the many research opportunities I kept hearing about. It is something that I wanted to explore since my major is in the sciences. My major is biology with emphasis on medicine. I hope to become a surgeon or even specialize in podiatry. I hope to do some research in the area of disease. I would like to know how the DNA forms disease and how these specific DNA patterns can get switched so that these diseases will no longer affect the body or pass through generations that will come after. What I like most about OSU is the supportive staff and faculty who support many of your decisions and help you through your troubles so you will have a positive experience here on campus and throughout your college career. They are always here to listen and guide you through any questions or problems you have.