Major: Public Health

Peer Mentor: Dakota Jacobs

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jangho Yoon



I grew up in Perris, CA, a small place right between Disneyland and Sea World, which I loved to go to downtown Disney right before an Angel’s game. I chose to come to OSU because there are so many opportunities available for me that I would not be able to receive in a California school. My current major is Biology, but I am testing waters to see if Pubic Health would be a better fit for me. I either want to work with mental health patients, kidneys, or even hopefully some day change mental health laws. I hope my research project will involve being able to make mental health more aware and show all the helpful choices that you can take. I want to be able to make an efficient texting suicide hotline, because I know many teenagers they just need someone to talk to. I really enjoy going to the library here at OSU, any week besides dead week.  The library is open 24/5 so anytime you need to study or get away from roommates the library is the place to go to.