Major: Mechanical Engineering

Peer Mentor: Aparna Govindan

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cindy Grimm



I was born and raised in Oakland, California. Although I love my home state, I decided that 18 years was enough, and that Oregon State would be my new home. I enjoy living in Corvallis, meeting new people and seeing new things. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering, but I have a strong interest in the Biomedical Engineering field. Hopefully doing undergraduate research would help to broaden my experience in that field. I hope that my research will include exploring new things and ideas, as well as getting connected and networking with new people. I am not really sure what I see myself doing as a future career, but if I switch to studying Biomedical Engineering, then my job would probably include some of that. I enjoy life here at OSU, because there are many different opportunities and possibilities, even as an undergraduate student.