Major: Fisheries and Wildlife

Peer Mentor: Eni Nako

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Taal Levi



I’m from San Francisco, born and raised, though I spent my high school years in what I call a suburb of the city even though it’s known as the city of San Ramon. I came to OSU because I saw it as the best option available to me and especially because I thought it’d be a better school for my major. I think it will involve a lot of sitting down, patience, and meticulous work involving staring through a magnifying lens for long periods of time (so far I’m right).  I hope to continue doing research in my career. I would love to focus on megafauna one day, specifically wolves. Also, the more I think about it, I believe that teaching would be awesome to do one day, at the university level that is. I love the atmosphere surrounding OSU. I’ve never run into someone who’s given me a hard time. Everyone so far has been friendly and that’s something I greatly appreciate, especially since I’m not from around here.