Major: Biological Engineering

Minor: Spanish

Peer Mentor: Kathleen Mannion

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Adam Higgins



I was born in Long Beach, California but have spent most of my life in Corvallis, Oregon. My family moved around quite a bit so that my father could attend medical school, and we are very happy to have finally settled here. I chose OSU because it was a perfect match for me. As a university, OSU is well known for its advancements in engineering and research, both of which were of interest to me, and growing up in Corvallis I would not only continue to be a diehard Beaver fan, but also remain close to home. So far, what I like the most about OSU is the campus itself. Oregon State is small enough that it is easy to walk or bike to classes, and the buildings all are new, artistic, and innovative, or old and historic with plenty of quirks and character. I am majoring in Biological Engineering, minoring in Spanish, and taking additional pre-medical coursework. It is my hope to continue on to medical school with my career goal being orthopedic surgery. My undergraduate research will involve serial dilution experiments to investigate red blood cell deglycerolization.