Major: Environmental Engineering

Peer Mentor: Shan Lansing

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeff Nason



I am from Santa Monica, California.  I have accumulated a burning passion for the environment after years of studying ocean acidification, plastic pollution, and climate change. I believe water shortage is our most urgent environmental issue we are facing today.  During my previous research in the environmental engineering lab, I achieved a 99.9% removal while filtering oily simulated produced water with a centrifugal membrane filtration system. This solidified my drive to become an environmental engineer. The environmental engineering department here at OSU focuses on water filtration; and therefore, will prepare me for when I emphasize on water filtration in graduate school.  As for my undergraduate research at OSU, I aspire to research water entailing membrane, soil, and chemical filtration.  After finishing school, my ultimate goal is to travel the world and implement water wells and recycling facilities for developing countries that do not have access to clean, free, drinking water. I am lucky to be at OSU where there is a like-minded student body eager to learn and willing to help each other be successful.

Here is a photo of me putting samples of engineered nanoparticles with deionized water in cuvettes to utilize the dynamic light scattering device: