Major: Civil Engineering

Peer Mentor: Jason Castañeda

Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Hurwitz



I was born and raised in the small town of Gaston, Oregon. My graduating class consisted of only 25 people who I have grown up with since kindergarten. When I came to Oregon State, I expected to undergo a culture shock due to the massive size of campus; however, I find this college town to be a connected community of scholars. I originally chose to attend Oregon State because of the hands-on opportunities that are offered here compared to other colleges including the various research labs and internships. Currently, I am majoring in Civil Engineering working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Driving Simulator Lab. There, I am assisting with various projects including learning how to use the eye tracker to monitor the movements of subjects’ irises as they undergo a simulation involving right-hook collisions with bicyclists. I am also reviewing the different causes of distraction in the perspective of a pedestrian. Eventually, I hope to study the efficiency of the introduction of environmentally friendly aspects to common roadways. After college, I desire to work with the Oregon Department of Transportation to either work on traffic systems or conduct research to find more efficient solutions to transportation problems within the state. As of now, the thing I like most about OSU is the tutoring services offered throughout campus.