Major: Electrical Engineering

Minor: Computer Science

Peer Mentor: Kyle Duyck

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rakesh Bobba



I am from Beaverton Oregon and I grew up in Beaverton. I chose to come to OSU because of the community and of the various opportunities they offer. I really like the feeling I get from the staff at Oregon State because they offer many services to help a student’s academic success. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. My research will consist of applied cryptography on embedded systems. My research project will involve app designing and security investigation. My career goals are to make a wireless energy system and to give back to the community that has helped me through my career. I have seen many projects of wireless energy, but they provide limited energy. I would like to give to the community but especially to the Latino community because it can be difficult for them to gain support for their education. One thing I really like about Oregon State is that they have a lot of support for many diverse cultures! These different cultural facilities make it easier for people from similar cultural backgrounds to have a more enjoyable time at Oregon State.