Why should I do undergraduate research?

  • Studies show that students who participate in undergraduate research are more likely to become life-long learners. They also achieve independence, gain marketable skills, are more likely to complete their degrees, and are better trained for careers and graduate programs.

Do I need to have prior research experience?

  • Nope! Your faculty mentor has been working with undergraduates for years and (trust us) you’re not the first student to have no idea what an eyewash station is. As part of the program, you will be given a foundation for research skills and your faculty mentor will tell you everything you need to know to complete your project.

What if I don't have a specific project in mind?

  • No problem! Your faculty mentor will have some great ideas for a project that is both exciting and realistic for the amount of time you have to spend on it. 

Who is eligible to apply?

  • The program is designed for groups of students that are traditionally underrepresented at OSU. Only incoming freshmen and transfer students from community colleges like Linn Benton and Chemeketa are eligible to apply. Keep in mind that many of our students are enrolled in the Degree Partnership Program and are taking classes at OSU and Linn Benton at the same time!

How do I get an application?

  • Send Kevin or Stephanie an email asking for an application. Our email addresses are listed below.

When are applications due?

  • Applications are due June 1st of each year.